I am honored to finally be able to offer my FREE/DONATION BASED DBT Skills Group at Bliss Spiritual Co-Op!

The DBT Skills group is an interactive learning experience and support group for those with a vast emotional spectrum or those on a mental/emotional recovery journey. The skills learned are based on a form of therapy called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). In this group you’ll learn transformative therapeutic + spiritual tools that will help you expand your awareness, deepen your understanding & connection to your emotions, strengthen your window of tolerance, and develop healthy interpersonal skills. This is also a judgement-free safe space to share the experiences of your journey and gain the collective support/insight of others on their journey. Whether you are seeking deeper emotional empowerment, looking for new ways to further your healing journey, are currently in therapy for mental health and want extra skills to help reinforce your recovery, or are wanting a place where you can feel safe to connect with others without judgement, I wholeheartedly welcome you to join in and see what this group has to offer!

There are four essential skills taught in DBT:


-Distress Tolerance

-Emotional Regulation

-Interpersonal Effectiveness

The core concept of DBT is radical acceptance. According to VeryWellMind.com, "radical acceptance can be defined as the ability to accept situations that are outside of your control without judging them, which in turn reduces the suffering that is caused by them."

Each month, we will be covering one skill-set. I will be teaching both specific DBT skills as well as skills/tools from other spiritual & therapeutic modalities that fall into one of the four skill sections. Each week, we learn a new skill related to the skill section of the month and each class will be hosted as both an interactive learning experience as well as a support group. This is a judgement-free safe space for all to share our experiences, help each other move out of a place of shame, blame, and fear, and support each other as we progress along our own healing journeys.

Every class includes:

A brief 5 minute meditation at the start of class

One new skill + a worksheet/reading material on the skill. We will go over the worksheet/reading material together and then your copy is yours to take home

A 30 minute sharing portion where we will each have the opportunity to share our experiences*

An optional mini-challenge you can complete between classes (:

*Sharing will be done in "round-robin" style, but you may choose not to share if you do not wish to!

Class Requirements:

Please bring a journal and a writing utensil. (:

Bliss Spiritual Co-Op

1163 Pleasant Oaks Dr

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464