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Note: I am mainly virtually-based (via Zoom) but can accept limited in-person clients for coaching sessions upon request. If you are interested in having in-person sessions, please reach out to me via text with your availability to see if in-person sessions can be accommodated with your ideal times & days.

***Please note that I am not a licensed psychotherapist or counselor, and my coaching services cannot be used as a replacement for services offered by a licensed professional. As a coach, I join you in transforming your visions for your future into your present reality. Therapy or counseling is recommended when looking to process and heal past experiences. If you are currently seeing a therapist or counselor and would like to see me as well, I am happy to be a part of your personal growth team! However, I will require a signed letter from your therapist or counselor stating that they feel my services will be a beneficial addition to your process.